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Significa Design can create, produce and manage all of your graphic needs. We offer our clients a broad range of design and illustration possibilities along with state-of-the-art digital typography, corporate identity and branding, printed collaterals, interactive design and many more.

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An activity designed to boost the sales of a product or service. It may include an advertising campaign, increased PR activity, a free-sample campaign, offering free gifts or trading stamps, arranging demonstrations or exhibitions, setting up competitions with attractive prizes, temporary price reductions, door-to-door calling, telemarketing, personal letters on other methods. More than any other element of the promotional mix, sales promotion is about “action”. It is about stimulating customers to buy a product.

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Everyone uses promotional products. Take a look at your desk and we bet you'll find a half-dozen imprinted items: a mouse pad, mug, pen, paper clip dispenser, magnet, calculator, or notepad...maybe even an award or two. They're all promotional products, used to keep that company's name or ideas in front of you. And they work -- very well.

If you've got an upcoming convention, a new project that you need to publicize, or just an ongoing program that needs some help getting noticed, promotional products from Significa Design may be the answer for you. Call us for ideas, for a free catalog, or for a quote. Here are some ideas to get you started...

Corporate Gift


first aid
Gourmet Delicacies
gourmet basket
chocolate and candies
Just for fun
wok set
designer color pencil sets